Writing Elixir

Writing is a heroic journey that brings forth your story. The essence of your story is an elixir that can heal the world.

Writing Rites

These Writing Rites have been called out for the purpose of gathering and honoring the archetypal Writer that dwells within each one of us.

Writing Rites capture a moment of acknowledging the fact that we are writers and that we make time for our writing lives as a sacred act.

We honor these rites and partake in them to recognize and hail ourselves as writers.

The Writing Rites are as follows:

1. We are Writers
2. We write
3. We have truth and stories to tell
4. We honor our truth and stories in the words we write
5. We honor the writing of others

6. We are grateful to find inclusion with the lineage of writers and storytellers


Please honor your experience as a writer.

You are encouraged and invited to consider and comment on how you incorporate the above Writing Rites into your life.

 Thank you for honoring the Writing Rites!