Writing Elixir

Writing is a heroic journey that brings forth your story. The essence of your story is an elixir that can heal the world.

The Story

 Writing Elixir© was created by Leila Kincaid Hayes, Founder of Lost Coast Media®,  Writer & Filmmaker. Leila has had a lifelong interest in mythology and storytelling, and is now incorporating the idea of storytelling as a way of honoring our heroic journeys in life into her work in the world, in the form of writing workshops, called Writing Elixirs.

 The story of Writing Elixir© began when Leila was five years old and had a dream that she was a writer. She told her mother the next morning. "Mother, I am a writer", she proclaimed, with all the certainty of the sun's arising each day. Her mother bought her a journal and Leila filled it, and hundreds more, embarking on a path of writing as a way of life that has brought her to this moment.

A voracious reader and scholar, Leila has studied Philosophy and Dance at the University of California at Berkeley, Consciousness and Psycho/Soma modalities with Angeles Arrien and Jean Shinoda Bolen at the California Institute of Integral Studies, Comparative Mythology and Religion with Jacob Needleman, and Dance at San Francisco State University, and Film and Screenwriting at various schools around the world. Writing has been an integral part of her lifelong studies and continues to inspire and educate her in varied and surprising ways.

Leila has had a lifelong interest in mythology, and is now incorporating it into her own work in the world.

 In 2005, Leila volunteered as a facilitator and coordinator for writing events at a non-profit women's writing center and, through her time there, developed a writing workshop that is based on Joseph Campbell's Hero With A Thousand Faces and Power of Myth, which she called Writing For Life©.

Writing for Life© inspired the participants to find their own stories and share them with the group in a private, small, structured setting that was free of critique, criticism, and judgment. This sharing lead to the creation of book segments, chapters, tables of content, outlines, proposals, and complete manuscripts, as well as inspiring other writing adventures.

Fueled by the power of these workshops, Leila invented Writing Elixir©. It has been developed from Leila’s deep belief that we are each on a heroic journey in our lives, and that our journeys are powerful stories, full of immediate authenticity and potency. These stories, when articulated and shared, can transform the writer/storyteller/hero and the listener, and ultimately, the world, for the process of sharing your heroic journey, your story, is an elixir - an essential principle that nourishes life, revitalizes, and heals. 

Each Elixir of Life Writing Event©  is designed to summon forth these stories.


Leila invites you to embark on the journey of your heroic adventure, share your story, and offer your elixir to the world!