Writing Elixir

Writing is a heroic journey that brings forth your story. The essence of your story is an elixir that can heal the world.

Writing Elixir Mission


The Writing Elixir© mission is to honor the story that each person has hidden within them, and to elicit the telling of this story in writing workshops that emphasize our heroic journey in life and the vital healing elixir that each of our stories brings to the world. When we share our stories we deepen and broaden our understanding of and connection to each other, the world, and our own existence. 

Writing Elixir© aims to catalyze a global shift in consciousness toward an honoring of the journey that each of experiences in our lives, through the offering of writing workshops, groups, and retreats.


Writing Elixir gatherings evoke an awareness of the presence of the Elixir of Life within each of us and take you on a journey to explore:

The Hero’s Journey and our Lives and Psyches

The Hero’s Journey and our Writing Process

 The Hero’s Journey and the Structure of our Writing

 The way we show up in the world and bring forth our Elixir


Used in the context of Writing Elixirs, the hero’s journey offers a metaphor  for our own journeys in life, for our process of writing, and for the structure and content of our writing.


“And so it happens that if anyone undertakes for himself the perilous journey into the darkness

by descending, either intentionally or unintentionally,

into the crooked lands of his own spiritual labyrinth,

he soon finds himself in a landscape of symbolical figures that leads to the Way,

the purification of the self.

In modern terms, this is the process of dissolving, transcending, or transmuting

the images of our personal past.”

Joseph Campbell, The Hero With A Thousand Faces