Writing Elixir

Writing is a heroic journey that brings forth your story. The essence of your story is an elixir that can heal the world.

Writing Elixir is

A movement to elicit your inner wisdom through writing. 

A quest to retrieve the essence of your story.

A deep belief that each person has a story, and in writing that story a healing transformation occurs in the writer/storyteller and in the world.

An acknowledgment of the heroic journey that each of us is on in the course of our lives.

An encouragement to share this journey through writing your story.

A celebration of our lives as journeys, as stories, as vital elixirs that can transform and heal.


“All stories consist of a few common structural elements

found universally in myths, fairy tales, dreams, and movies.  

They are known collectively as the hero’s journey.  

Understanding these elements and their use in writing is the object of our quest.
Used wisely, these ancient tools have tremendous power
to heal our people and make the world a better place.”  
Joseph Campbell,  The Power of Myth